6 Tips To Secure a First-Class Airline Ticket Upgrade

November 27, 2017 0

We all want to travel with first-class accommodations on airplane, but not all of us can afford those expensive tickets. Actually, a small percentage of the population enjoys these luxury flights. But have you ever thought that you can enjoy this luxury with some amazing tips? Alex Matjanec, CEO of MyBankTracker, has compiled a list of 6 tips to secure a first-class airline ticket upgrade.



The most important thing to obtain a first-class ticket is to be loyal to one airline. If you sign up for some loyalty programs, you can save some money or travel at first-class. Being loyal to one airline will give you long-term benefits, so think twice when you’re buying a ticket.


Arrive early

It is recommended to arrive at least 30-60 minutes before your flight to make your check in and that’s because of the time you spend to check your baggage and pass through security and, of course to arrive at the departure gate. If you arrive early you can have a chat with the agent from the gate and maybe he/she will give you an upgrade to first-class if you ask him/her nicely.


Slow times

A big percentage of the population travel near holidays or in weekends. Don’t make this mistake again! Book your next flight in the middle of the week. It is recommended to fly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, because these are the most unpopular days to fly. So, if these days are unpopular, it means empty seats and an availability in first-class.



Like any other business, airlines are also customer-serving ones and they don’t want to lose their customers. Complaining is a certain solution to have a first-class accommodations. You can complain almost about anything and ask nicely and politely to be moved, you might be lucky to experience a first-class seat.



When you are an employee of an airline you receive great perks such as flying for free or access to the airline’s passenger systems. Well…if you aren’t that lucky to work at an airline, maybe it’s time to make a friend who works at one. Knowing someone who works at an airline will certainly give you an upgrade to first-class.



“On a recent trip to Hong Kong, we were upgraded to first class thanks to our charm,” said John Heaton, managing director at The Heaton Group. “This can also work if it’s your birthday, honeymoon, or anniversary. You won’t be upgraded for no reason so make sure you let them know you have a genuine reason to be upgraded and with a bit of luck, they’ll be listening.”

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