8 Awesome Gift Wrapping Ideas for Your Loved Ones

December 12, 2017 0

If you want to make a gift extra special, you can wrap it yourself by using these amazing gift wrapping ideas. You will be remembered for a long time and the person who will receive the gift will feel very special. So, here are some cool wrapping ideas that will get you out of the ordinary.


Green wreaths


You can use a box that can be decorated with springs of evergreen plants such as rosemary or arborvitae, it the person who will receive the present likes nature. Also, if you don’t have a simple box, you can make it yourself out of cardboard.


Funny monsters


This cool idea of wrapping is perfect for kids. They will simply adore the colors and details. So, any box can be turned into a little monster, if you decorate it with teeth, eyes and a tongue. Use your imagination and the result will be amazing!


Using pictures and postcards as decorations


You can use pictures and postcards as decorations for wrapping a gift, especially when you get a present for a close friend. For sure you have pictures with him/her from a holiday or trip so, use those pictures to wrap the gift and that close friend will appreciate your work.


Ribbon made from photographic film


This idea of wrapping can be used for those who are photographers or simply love taking photos. Impress your friend with a ribbon made from photographic film and wrap the present with a newspaper. He/she will love it!




Have you ever thought than buttons can be an awesome decoration for a gift box? Well…all you have to do is to put a thread through the button and simply attach the decoration to the gift box. If you think is fancier, you can add a button to the ribbon.


Little flags


These little flags fill you up with joy, because of their colors and shapes. For making them you will need a glue to put them to some twine. After this you can attach them to the gift box and voila, the perfect gift is ready to be given.


White on white


If you are attracted to the minimalist design, you will love to make this kind of decorations. White is the answer! Wrap the gift in white wrapping paper and use a white ribbon by adding to it a simple message for the perfect who will receive this beautiful gift.


Bottles with caps


Making a cone-shaped cap is very easy and the bottle will look very hilarious. For a better result and reaction, you can add a beard and a nose, and the bottle will look like a funny gnome. Good luck wrapping paper!

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