Awesome Hacks That Will Make You a Genius

November 10, 2017 0

When we were little, we were learned to do certain things certain ways. And if our parents told us to do so, we thought this was the right way, but they weren’t right in every situation. Have you ever thought that you have been doing something wrong your whole life? Make sure your children and your grandchildren will not make the same mistakes as you did. Here are some awesome hacks that will make you a genius.

Cut mangoes into cubes before peeling and eating them.


When making iced coffee, freeze coffee into ice cubes prior so that when the ice melts in the coffee, it’s not diluted.



Your bobby pin’s wavy side should be on the bottom.



When stashing away your garbage bags, try folding each of them into origami triangles to save space.



How to professionally eat a cupcake.



Instead of the conventional way of holding a burger with only the thumbs on the bottom, hold the burger also with your pinkies on the bottom for extra support.



Break in your shoes right away by putting them on with socks on and blow drying the tightest areas.



When holding a pizza, there should be a U-shape to prevent it from flopping over.



When enjoying drinks outside, top the cups with cupcake liners to prevent any bugs from getting into your drinks.


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