Life Changing Vaseline Beauty Hacks You Should Know

November 18, 2017 0

Be realistic: Vaseline isn’t the first item you think to put in your makeup bag, because you think it’s not worthy enough, but you are wrong. Probably you haven’t bought this item yet, but you will after you read this article. This item it’s the most unsexy product, but it’s definitely worthy, considering that it’s a multi-tasker for your daily routine. So, here are some ways for using Vaseline.

Replace mascara

If you can’t use mascara or you just don’t love it, but you still want sexy eyes with defined lashes, you can try to coat them with Vaseline. Petroleum jelly helps your lashes to grow and also leaves them conditioned.

Cracked heels

We all know this annoying problem with the cracked heels. Sometimes we feel embarrassed to take off our shoes, because we have cracked heels. Get rid of this problem by putting some Vaseline on your dry feet and throw on a pair of socks. Go to sleep, in the morning you will have the smoothest heels.

Natural glow

If you don’t have a shimmering highlighter, don’t worry, use Vaseline instead. Dab some Vaseline on your cheekbones, under your brows and down the bridge of the nose. You will have a perfect natural glow instantly!

Face cream

Vaseline is a heavy moisturizer and it’s noncomedogenic. Winter is approaching, and you will need some extra hydration. Vaseline does miracles with extremely dried skin, which can even crack.

Lip balm

As we said above, Vaseline does miracles and works wonderful as a lip balm. Also, you can use Vaseline as a primer before you’re putting your favorite lipstick on.


Did you know that Vaseline can prevent scars from forming? If you burn yourself by accident when you’re trying to take off the pot on the stove, put some Vaseline over the wound. You will minimize the future scar.


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