This Simple Hack Can Make Your Summer Fragrance Fall-Perfect

October 26, 2017 0

When seasons are changing, every beauty gal knows that it’s also a change in scent.  Sometimes seems a little bit abrupt when you are switching from a light summer fragrance to a deeper one and it can be really hard to adjust. You can totally change your perfume, if you layer a fragrance oil underneath your summerish scent.

This hack it’s incredible! Here’s how it works: Start by choosing your perfect fragrance oil and place a few drops on your neck and wrists. You need to be sure the oil is drying and then spritz on your summer scent.  The oil and the perfume will complete perfectly and you will have afterall your new fragrance. Add some new fragrance oils to your wishlist and you will no longer have to worry about the next season scent.


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