6 Clever Makeup Hacks For Lazy Girls

October 30, 2017 0

Probably all girls have the timing problem and they hit frequently the snooze button for extra sleep. But then again, if we sleep more can we achieve the perfect makeup? The answer is YES! In just a few minutes we can have a flawless makeup. With these awesome time-saving tricks, you will be pragmatic.

  1. Wet your makeup sponge

Use a setting spray to wet your makeup sponge and you will no longer have to run to the sink. This setting spray will fix your foundation and you will look flawless all day.

  1. Apply creamy concealer

Applying a creamy concealer on the problematic areas will help you to reduce the redness around the nose and the dark circles.

  1. Cream blush

Use a cream blush for your cheeks and lips. Thumbs up for the multitasking beauty products!

  1. Ditch the makeup brushes

We all use our fingers when we create a smokey eye makeup. Just swipe a dark shadow onto your lid and then follow it with black eyeliner.

  1. Apply eyeliner with your eyes closed

Takes serious time and precision to apply eyeliner and this could be annoying for a lazy girl. Close your eyes next time and you will believe in magic again.

  1. Liquid lipstick

With the traditional lipstick you always need to apply lip liner to prevent feathering and this takes time. Next time use a liquid lipstick, it’s easier and you will get the same look.


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