3 Hacks That Will Make Your Wardrobe Outstanding

October 27, 2017 0

It’s very difficult to be original nowadays, in fashion. You can look amazing with only a click. Scrolling on Instagram, looking for some fashion trends on Google, now it’s easier to be cool every day. You probably liked many pages on Facebook with street style outfits ideas. When you don’t know what to wear, there are many fashion girls, who show their creativity in their outfits, with an acceptable budget. With social media it’s also difficult to be original and everyone can easily end up looking the same.

One of those unexpected style accounts it’s owned by Erykah Achebe. On her style accounts you will find outfits you have never seen before. She buy her outfits from vintage shops, collecting rare designer clothes.

  1. Texture

Mix texture with even more texture. Don’t be afraid! If you have a multi-color raffia skirt, wear it with a shearling pink bag, not a t-shirt.

  1. Pattern zone

Don’t use only one pattern! Instead of wearing only one pattern, be brave and put two or three prints. For sure you will be original if you get out of your pattern comfort zone. Think outside the box and the result will be great.

  1. Designers from other countries

With this diversity of cultures it’s very easy to be original. Support some designers from other countries, because their design creativity comes from their daily routine.


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