6 Hacks That Will Make Your Hair Look Thicker

October 23, 2017 0

We all want that thicker looking hair every single day. How can we make sure that our hair will be super thick during the day? Well…you can use some products based on vitamins and also follow a diet plan, but how many of us are willing to do that? We don’t have to worry anymore, because we can have thicker hair with no effort at all. Here are some hacks that will help you to achieve the perfect thicker hair.

  1. Layers

You will be surprised to know that subtle layers are a must. Long hair is heavy, which weighs thin hair down.

  1. Use condition only on the ends

If you use condition on all your hair, it will end up greasy and limp. Don’t do that! Use a thickening condition only on the ends.

  1. Use powder for volume

By massaging a volumizing powder you will get instantly a thicker hair. This is not like dry shampoos, it gives you an amazing lift.

  1. Use a large round brush

Skip the flat iron, because your hair looks thinner after you’re using it and you don’t want that. Instead, use a large round brush, this will give you a perfect hair look.

  1. Curl your hair

If you curl your hair from roots, it will look fuller and bigger. Get that Hollywood volume with no effort at all!

  1. Hide your roots

You can give your hair the amazing volume only by camouflaging your scalp with hair-bulding powders.  You have to make sure you pick the right shade for your hair color.

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