Here Is How To Know Your Face Shape

October 24, 2017 0

There are 5 shapes of faces. Every girl has a particular face shape. You can’t use any make-up if you want to look fab and achieve the perfect make-up, you have to take in consideration your face shape. The problem is that we try to reproduce make-up looks of celebs and maybe we don’t have the same face shape as the respective famous person. So, you need to be sure what make-up fits you perfectly.


Make-up for distinct face shapes


  1. Oval shaped faces


This is the ideal face shape and also the most common one. If you have this face shape, you need to minimize it and your face will be elongated. Follow the natural shape of your brow bones, it’s a must. Also, use a blush on for contouring and you will have your make-up on fleek.


  1. Oblong shaped faces


If your face is oblong, then you have to make sure it will look like a oval one. So, you have to use light shade on the sucked cheeks and a darker shade on apples. Also, you can make your eyelashes look dramatic, this will help your face look a little more oval.


  1. Heart shaped faces


Most heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead and a tapered jawline. Use highlighter for some features, like on top of the nose. A bronzer will be good for you along the sides of the temples and the bottom of the chin.  You need to use lighter and brighter shades for your eyes.


  1. Diamond shaped faces


This face shape it’s not as common compare to others. If you have a diamond shaped face you must highlight the center of your face. Also, a bronzing powder it’s helpful for you. Add some bronze on the peak of the forehead and you will give your face a proportionate look.


  1. Round shaped faces


Face width and length are almost the same and contouring is very important for this face shape. To define your cheekbones use a blush and for a slimming effect apply the blush in upward strokes.


Hope this article was useful for you and you will no longer make the same mistakes!



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