Ridiculously Simple Hacks for a Better Skin Care

November 24, 2017 1

Did you know that even your pillow can affect your skin? You probably know some basics things for skincare such as never sleep with your makeup on or always wear SPF. There are some ridiculously simple things to do for a better skincare and they are right in front of your nose. Here are some easy hacks for a better skincare, which will transform your life.


Wash your pillowcase twice a week

Those fabric fibers of your pillowcase are full of dust and oil and they are forming a ground of bacteria. Also, you can start washing your pillowcase with a fragrance-free detergent for keeping unpleasant chemicals away from your pretty face.


Wipe your phone screen

You should be a little bit concerned, because your phone screen has ten times more bacteria on it than your toilet seat. You really need to make a habit of disinfecting your phone at least once a day. It’s better if you use cleansing towelettes with non-irritating essential oils.

Don’t use expired makeup

We all have a favorite lipstick and we can’t break up with it, even if we have it for three years. Please, buy another one! Follow the same rules as you do with your food. You don’t eat expired food, so don’t use expired makeup.


Cover your face when you’re using hair products

When your hairstylist is putting his hand over your face, it’s not just for keeping your eyes safe from the spray. Hair products contain many ingredients that can damage our skin. So, use your hair spray as your hairstylist or use a tissue to cover your face if it’s easier for you.


Don’t touch your face

Even if you’re tired and sleepy, don’t put your palm on your face. Our hands come in contact with many germs when we are using a public transportation or shake hands with someone. So, try to get rid of this habit, it’s not good for your skin.

Switch up your toothpaste

If you have noticed some breakouts around your mouth, the fluoride content of the toothpaste might be the problem of your breakouts. Buy instead a toothpaste with a lower concentration of fluoride and see if your breakouts begin to disappear.

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