Simple Hacks To Make Your Pasta So Much Better

October 31, 2017 0

Are you in love with pasta? You definitely want to know how to make your pasta so much better. Imagine yourself after a long day of work and all what you want it’s just a perfect steaming plate of pasta. Well…not all of us can have personal chefs like celebrities, but you don’t have to worry about it. The vital component of pasta it’s the sauce. Pastas are nothing without a perfect sauce and if you know how to combine the two main ingredients, you will have your perfect steaming plate of pasta.

  1. Don’t add oil in boiling water

Almost everybody seems to add a few drops of oil in their boiling water, but this it’s not helpful for you, actually, adding oil will make the noodles slippery and prevent them from combining nicely with the sauce. For this you can use a spoon to separate the noodles.

  1. Never rinse your pasta

Don’t put your pasta under water, this will make your dish less flavorful. Also, you can make your pasta more tasteful by adding some cooking liquid in the tomato sauce.

This simple hacks doesn’t require any extra time and will help you cooking the best pastas. So, are you ready for your steaming plate of pasta?

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