Writing Down Your Ideas Can Change Your Life

October 31, 2017 0

Don’t be scared! It’s normal to forget some things which happened over the day, because an adult has an average of 50.000 thoughts per day. Have you ever wondered why great ideas come out of nowhere when you are not focused? Great and creative ideas come when your mind it’s relaxed. This is when our brains connect different neural pathways to come up with new ideas. Well…here comes the tricky part: when our brains are relaxed, we can’t mark down those great ideas.

Don’t trust your brain

Certainly you showed up in the living room with a brilliant idea, after you took a shower, but you can’t remember anything about it. That’s why you should never trust your brain. Next time make sure you will have a piece of paper on your desk.

Write down your ideas

If your brain it’s bad at memory, you should write down your ideas on a notebook. Also, you can try some apps, because you will never let your smartphone home.

Don’t fall into the trap of organizing your thoughts

Organize your thoughts after you write them on a paper. If you stay focused on this idea with organizing, you will lose many other great ideas. So, keep calm , write down all the ideas and organize them later.

Check out your ideas

Review your clever ideas three times a week and try to turn them into something bigger. While you review them, new great ideas can appear or you can see the one’s potential. So, all you have to remember from this article it’s to write down every idea which comes up and you can succeed.

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