The Best Natural Life Hacks Using Tea

November 7, 2017 0

You won’t believe how many external injuries can cure a little tea bag! Tea drinkers probably can tell you the benefits of a little tea bag or a hot cup of tea. This beverage it’s consumed for thousands of years by all different kinds of cultures. The popularity of tea it’s not just about the amazing taste. Tea has a lot of benefits such as weight loss or lowering cholesterol. Of course, every brew helps you for something in particular. Also, after you finish your tasty cup of tea, don’t throw away the tea bag, you may never know what you can do with it.


Decayed organic material used as a plant fertilizer it’s very helpful in your garden, so use your tea for compost. To speed up the process of decomposition, you need to pour some cups of strong tea into the pile. The liquid tea will create desirable acid-rich compost. Also, liquid tea it’s great for you if you have foot odour problems.


Who is not in love with black tea? Did you know that black tea it’s good against sunburns? Well…if you got sunburns, we feel sorry for you, but we can actually help you with this amazing hack against sunburns. Just place a wet black tea bag on the area to reduce the sting. Also, the tannins found in the black tea can prevent fungus infecting your flowers.

Furniture and floors

There are so many persons allergic to cleaning products, so we thought that this hack can be very useful. You can clean your furniture and floors with tea. Just boil 2-4 tea bags and put the liquid tea in your refrigerator for cooling down. Use a piece of cloth to wipe and clean your furniture with tea, the result will be great.


The gargling liquid it’s over and you are in a hurry? Don’t worry! Just mix peppermint tea with hot water and a pinch of salt. Use again your refrigerator for cooling down the mix and then you are ready. This combination will ease existing toothaches.

Tea as a cleanser

Some of us are not so lucky to have the perfect healthy scalp, so, if you have problems with dandruff, you can use the liquid tea as a cleanser. Also, your hair will look smooth and shiny.

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