These Hacks Will Help You to Pack Like a Pro

November 21, 2017 0

Whether you are packing for a city break or a three weeks beach holiday, you will need these amazing hacks to start packing like a pro. We all know how hard it is to decide what to wear in our vacation or how to protect our fragile and precious items. Here are some simple hacks to start packing and enjoy your holiday without any stress.

Packing list

Hopefully, you will not make the same mistake as Kate McCallister did, but is better to prevent these kind of events, so make a packing list. Write down the essential like passport, toothbrush and pills. Check your list twice!


You can avoid stains from your light clothes simply by packing them inside out. Also, try to be careful, don’t put your favorite white T-shirt near your foundation.

Roll and vacuum pack

Make sure you will roll your clothes instead of folding them and you will not have to use the iron again. After rolling them, put your clothes in vacuum compression bags and then squeeze the air out. You will have a lot more space than before.

Dead space

You need to fill dead space in your suitcase, because every inch matters. Fill dead space with underwear, socks or any other small item. Use every little inch wisely!

Ziplock bags

Put your cables, electronics and all those things that you must get out at security in a ziplock bag. It will be so much easy for you. Also you can use ziplock bags for many other things such as medication, your house keys or some accessories.

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