Incredible Beauty Hacks From Different Countries

November 3, 2017 0

We all heard about the beautiful body of Brazilian women. Have you ever wondered how can Brazilian women have the perfect beach body? Every country holds it’s own traditional beauty secrets, so here are the most interesting hacks.

1. Australia

Australian women are using a few drops of tea tree oil to get rid off the itchy dry scalp and dandruff. Of course, if you don’t have the mood to add some tea tree oil in your shampoo, you can buy products that already contain this oil.

2. Brazil


Yes! Are you excited to find out this beauty hack which will help you reduce cellulite? Well…next time when you are going to the beach, take a little bit of wet sand and rub it on those areas you feel uncomfortable with it. Also, this massage with sand improves blood circulation and leaves your skin smooth.

3. Egypt


The first woman who discovered milk baths seemed to be Cleopatra. You just have to add 2 liters of warm milk and 100 grams of honey to your daily bath. Your skin will become softer after 20 minutes and if you aren’t willing to waste milk, you can always buy skincare products with lactic acid.

4. Colombia


In Latin American countries avocado is the best active component in beauty recipes. You can always use it in masks for your face, hair and body. To make your hair shiny, mash banana and avocado add a little bit of olive oil and apply it, after 30 minutes your hair will be fabulous.

5. Mexico

Curling your lashes with a teaspoon it’s widespread in Mexico. Use this trick to make your eyes pop. Warm a spoon by putting it in hot water and bring it close to your eye then use one finger to press your lashes to the spoon for a few seconds.

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